The International Magicians

Astound your guests with the world’s most incredible modern magic…

Introducing Matt & Alex – The International Magicians
You’re here because you are looking for something truly unique and extra special for your upcoming event.

Matt & Alex are a unique magic double act that travel the world every year entertaining with their impossible feats of magic – both close-up and on stage, they will read minds, steal watches, produce objects out of iPhones & iPads and most importantly give your clients the most powerful feeling of wonder.


The English speaking magicians have a professional yet easy-going and smooth approach to the art of entertaining people with magic.

With over 20 years performing experience between them, they have entertained all over the world in every situation you can imagine – From boat parties in Monaco, corporate shows in Dubai, famous clubs in Marbella to mansions in Nigeria!

No matter the nationality, language or status – The International Magicians have the same effect on people – They leave them in complete shock and awe, desperately trying to figure out what they have just witnessed.

The International Magicians can be hired as…

close up magicians


Close up magic is just one of the areas that The International Magicians – Matt & Alex excel in.

By combining their talents together they have been able to create an unforgettable rapport with each-other. This is clearly visible to the guests at your event which means the energy in the room when the magic starts will be off the charts.

Specialising in modern day close up magic using cards, coins, money and everyday objects. Matt & Alex will make your guests jaws hit the floor with their cool looking close up magic.



Digital magic is incredible, visual and unforgettable! Thankfully Matt & Alex are one of the globes leading iPhone & iPad magicians.

The duo can pull any object out of an iPad (within reason). Do you want appearing tennis balls, decks of cards, food or even one of your own products produced from an iPad screen in a magical way?

The International Magicians can provide this amazing feat for you, your guests, and clients at your next event.



Stage magic is a great way to the entertain a large group of people from 50-1000’s. Matt & Alex provide shows including technology, mind reading and modern magic!

A stage performance is fantastic way to kick start an evening for a dinner, conference or awards evening.

Imagine the faces of your guests filled with wonder and amazement after seeing a fantastic modern day magic show by The International Magicians.

The success of your event…

Working with The International Magicians means you will not need to worry about the success of your event. Having performed at thousands of parties, corporate shows, celebrity events, product launches to name just a few – they have amazed people from all over the world from all walks of life – you can relax knowing that they will instantly put your guests at ease yet baffle them with magic that they will never forget.

As you can imagine, this unique act are in high demand and their schedule has them flying around the globe on a monthly basis – To make sure you don’t miss out – get in-touch now and tell us about your event.

Just some of Matt & Alex’s valued clients…