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The International Magicians In Dubai

The International Magicians Matt and Alex have been a regular hit in the City of Dubai.

Known for its ultramodern architecture, it was only natural that the United Arab Emirates demanded ultramodern entertainment.

The International Magicians have been top of the list.

Matt & Alex perform at many corporate events and private business get-togethers, the pair are well known in the area for the effect that they leave on their spectators.

Having performed for VIPs, politicians and high powered business people, you can expect The International Magicians to gain rapport with your guests, making them feel at ease, yet leaving them completely astounded with the impossible magic they witness.

“I booked Matt & Alex for a clients event in Dubai…

There were over 300 guests! They were able to circulate the venue in a way that everyone saw some magic.

At one point, half of the room surrounded them.

I highly recommend The International Magicians.  I am planning to book them again for my companies 10 year anniversary awards dinner.”

Muhammad Abdulhak.

About Dubai Magician Matt Parro

Matt dedicates his time and energy into bringing you the most cutting-edge magic possible. An expert in blending stage magic with engaging custom designed effects. Matt loves to find your company message and blend it in effortlessly with his magic, making it one of the most personal performances you will see.

About Dubai Magician Alex Welsh

Alex believes that the audience are the most important aspect of putting on a good performance. with the focus of the audience in mind, he tailors the act so that the guests are very much a part of the performance. With 15 years experience, he is always creating and performing new magic.

Why you need to book The International Magicians for your entertainment in Dubai.

Magic is one of the few art forms that awakes the inner child in people. It makes them believe in real magic again.

Matt & Alex’s performance is so smooth and slick as they are natural performers and have performed hundreds of times around the world.

If you’re looking for a bit of mix n mingle magic or a full stage act, Matt & Alex can cater for both.

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